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Currently interested in a DPS or two, a healer, and non-warrior tank. One of the DPS needs to be ranged, the other could be either melee or ranged.  Pretty flexible on classes/specs, talk to us if you have particular concerns.  Warlock in particular would be nice.

Ripscar I know a pretty good bear tank that wants to start raiding again. If you guys are still looking. He is almost as good ...
Weaselhunter or 20 shadow priests ...
I hated farming Ashes of Al'ar.  Took me way too many kills in BC without seeing it and then many more in Cataclysm before it finally dropped.  I'm also farming some things like the Onyxia mount and Invincible when I can stomach doing it.  Let's face it, super rare mount drops suck.

So don't miss this opportunity to get the H Garrosh mount BEFORE it becomes a 1% drop rate!  And will likely still require several people to farm until the expansion AFTER WoD.

We're currently asking 150k for H Garrosh, the Cutting Edge achievement, a chance at a heroic heirloom for leveling, any non-warforged gear you want (or even warforged if we don't need it!), and, of course, the Kor'kron Juggernaut!

We're also offering the other 13/14H bosses along with any non warforged gear you want from them for 100k.  And since it's a 25 man raid, that's a lot of heroic loot!

If you want 14/14H with everything that entails we're offering a package deal of 225k, which saves you 25k!

There are no special requirements for this offer, you can bring a fresh level 90 that's 400 ilvl if you wish.

Contact Balkoth via in-game whispers, in-game mail, Battletag of Balkoth#1847, email of balkothwarcraft at gmail dot com, or private message here on our website.

Don't you wish YOU owned a giant metal scorpion of death?

Davii Helo Rilos and Dura!
Davii Retired Retribution Paladin interested in.
Jnkz I would like to apologize on behalf of Balkoth for burning your eyes out with that picture of a human male. I think I s ...
I guess that proves last week wasn't a fluke!

Meanwhile, we'd *still* like a Boomkin.  Pretty sure they're truly mythical creatures at this point.  Could take another 1-2 DPS as well of just about anything.

Killed Heroic Garrosh on 25 man this week for the first time, so now we're 14/14H on both raid sizes.  Hence the rather large number of Kor'kron Juggernaut mounts in the screenshot.

Interestingly enough, it also happened on a pull where we managed to skip the second intermission altogether for the very first time.  Should be amusing to see what happens when some of our still relatively undergeared raiders manage to break into the 580 ilvl range.

P.S. And we did it with three healers DPSing!

P. P.S. We're still recruiting DPS.  At least one warlock, a boomkin, and 1-2 other DPS.

Weaselhunter that is a whole cluster fuck of Garrosh mounts! You can't even see my engineering rocket ...
As the title indicates, our first week of 25 man resulted in us in getting 13/14H with Heroic Garrosh to deep phase 3 in a total of two days.  Cleared through Thok with some attempts on Siegecrafter the first night.  Second night got Siegecrafter and Paragons and then proceeded to work on Heroic Garrosh for about an hour and a half, getting deep into Phase 3 several times.

I'll rate it: "barely acceptable."

Also had one early wipe where we saw a 60%+ phase 3.  If you're wondering how that's possible I'll break it down:

Got Garrosh to like 30% prior to second intermission due to some messiness.  AFKed it and got three whirlings which resulted in Garrosh being at 19% for the THIRD intermission.  That healed him to 39% and he hit 100 energy during that phase which started phase three healing him ANOTHER 30%.

Was rather amusing.  That's what you get with several people dead and people figuring out positioning.  We ended the night getting into deep phase 3 and getting Garrosh to 20%ish prior to second intermission, so major improvements in a few pulls as people got familiar with the fight.

We're still recruiting at the moment, could use up to another six or so people -- mostly DPS but could take a healer or two and potentially a tank.  We technically only have 24 raiders right now and had to bring in two outside people last week.  Help us solidify our roster, get in while you still can!

Weaselhunter dissapprove! don't use a jackass in a picture to represent our 25man raid lol