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I guess that proves last week wasn't a fluke!

Meanwhile, we'd *still* like a Boomkin.  Pretty sure they're truly mythical creatures at this point.  Could take another 1-2 DPS as well of just about anything.

Killed Heroic Garrosh on 25 man this week for the first time, so now we're 14/14H on both raid sizes.  Hence the rather large number of Kor'kron Juggernaut mounts in the screenshot.

Interestingly enough, it also happened on a pull where we managed to skip the second intermission altogether for the very first time.  Should be amusing to see what happens when some of our still relatively undergeared raiders manage to break into the 580 ilvl range.

P.S. And we did it with three healers DPSing!

P. P.S. We're still recruiting DPS.  At least one warlock, a boomkin, and 1-2 other DPS.

Weaselhunter that is a whole cluster fuck of Garrosh mounts! You can't even see my engineering rocket ...
As the title indicates, our first week of 25 man resulted in us in getting 13/14H with Heroic Garrosh to deep phase 3 in a total of two days.  Cleared through Thok with some attempts on Siegecrafter the first night.  Second night got Siegecrafter and Paragons and then proceeded to work on Heroic Garrosh for about an hour and a half, getting deep into Phase 3 several times.

I'll rate it: "barely acceptable."

Also had one early wipe where we saw a 60%+ phase 3.  If you're wondering how that's possible I'll break it down:

Got Garrosh to like 30% prior to second intermission due to some messiness.  AFKed it and got three whirlings which resulted in Garrosh being at 19% for the THIRD intermission.  That healed him to 39% and he hit 100 energy during that phase which started phase three healing him ANOTHER 30%.

Was rather amusing.  That's what you get with several people dead and people figuring out positioning.  We ended the night getting into deep phase 3 and getting Garrosh to 20%ish prior to second intermission, so major improvements in a few pulls as people got familiar with the fight.

We're still recruiting at the moment, could use up to another six or so people -- mostly DPS but could take a healer or two and potentially a tank.  We technically only have 24 raiders right now and had to bring in two outside people last week.  Help us solidify our roster, get in while you still can!

Weaselhunter dissapprove! don't use a jackass in a picture to represent our 25man raid lol
As the title mentions, we're aiming to go 25 man this upcoming Sunday.  We're still slightly short of a comfortable roster of about 30 but we have some people lined up to help cross-realm until we finish recruiting the people we need overall.

Speaking of recruiting people, we still have a few slots left, especially with some people switching mains in WoD!  We're ideally looking for the following but are willing to consider exceptional players of any spec.



Overall we only need 1-2 more healers and maybe 2-4 DPS to be totally comfortable with the roster, so don't take that to be a "we need one of each" sort of deal -- in fact we're looking at going from two warlocks to zero for WoD so we're massively interested in a few of those plus a boomkin for DPS.  Monk healer would also be insanely nice but we can certainly consider at least one other healer besides a monk.

But none of that really matters.  You're actually reading this due to the DARKMASTERS in the title, right?  RIGHT!?

Good, I'm glad.

You see, a crew from Despotism pulled off a daring run of Challenge Mode Scholomance.  A flawless, perfect victory that consisted of completely failing on Battle Banners and resulted in us hoping that an Army Knife rez worked.  Oh, and after killing Gandling we realized we missed four enemies and had to backtrack.  It was a thing of beauty, really.

Now, sadly, I have terrible news.  You might have guessed this from the "were" part of the title. SOMEHOW another group that held the title before us went back and beat our time a day later.  I don't see how that's remotely possible without hacking the game because our run was so inspirationally perfect, so I'm thinking we should probably report them all for cheating right?

I'm glad you agree.
Ashamanxx Darkmaster's, ho!
Almost ready to switch to 25 man in preparation for Mythic, just need about 3-4 more people, mix of healers and DPS.

If you're interested better make sure you apply soon as we're looking to switch in about two more weeks.

Get in while you can!

P.S. I manage the gbank and worry about being able to provide sufficient food/flasks/enchants/etc for everyone.  I try to be efficient, especially when it comes to the food carts.  Try to make sure we only put down one when we need it.  Try to make sure we don't waste the food.

So, naturally, my guild decides to troll me.  I hate you all.

Balkoth ao My monitor is 1680 x 1050. I just scale the UI so it looks how I want in terms of spacing (that the bottom bar stretche ...
Ashamanxx Is that UI trolling us in response for the noodle cart extravaganza?
Sweetleaf164 Worst UI NA
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