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Garrosh Hellscream is dead.

Well, he's not technically dead, he's beaten.  Which means unconscious, apparently.  Which means he's going to open a portal in time and launch the next expansion.

That pretty much killed the moment, didn't it?

Anyway, some stats for people who like to crunch data:

US 10: 101
US 10&25: 183
World 10: 401
World 10&25: 611

That's actually about 50% better than we did in Throne of Thunder for the world rankings and about twice as good for US rankings specifically.  Which is nice to see, especially since it felt we should have killed this a few weeks earlier.

Here's the obligatory screenshot.  I should have zoomed in slightly more and the black floor is awful as a background.  Sorry.

Grats to Iggins on his shiny metal scorpion.

I'm proud of everyone on the team for getting this done -- certainly been a long tier with some brutal bosses at the end.  Was very happy to get 13/14H pre-nerf and we still finished strong overall.

Definitely looking forward to being able to see some of the other fights for a change as we've been extending for a long time to get this done.

Also, this does mean that we're opening up recruitment for Mythic -- but keep in mind this is something LONG TERM, ESPECIALLY if you have the ability we need but lack current gear/experience.  You're not going to be coming in on Heroic Garrosh next week or something.

We're absolutely willing to talk with people about their specific situation -- with the gear reset of WoD we have a lot more flexibility.  So if you've raided hardcore in the past but had to quit -- here's your chance to see all heroic (mythic) content again on just two days!  Put the effort in and you might even see most or all of Siege before WoD as well.

And finally a kill video:

Tyler Video needs more lense flares. Excellent kill guys, can't wait to see what WoD brings to the table.
Invisible Malices really stink, especially back-to-back.  Extraordinarily frustrating.  We'll finish this next week.

Minor update on our status -- we were expecting to have H Garrosh down by now but that lockout bug on Garrosh wound up effectively costing us three weeks of progression (especially due to Super Bowl Sunday).  At this point our best pull has been 15% in phase three, we've been shifting things around and trying out different strategies.

We're still interested in a person for H Garrosh due to some real life schedule issues and we're also effectively recruiting for Mythic -- so if you're wanting to be a part of Mythic going forward you can apply now.
Good news, everyone!  We killed Heroic Paragons!  Hooray!

Better news, everyone!  We did it pre-nerf!  Hooray!

Bad news, everyone.  Garrosh is in hiding.

Yes, that IS Thrall standing there ready to talk to a non-existent Garrosh Hellscream.  I suppose neither is the sharpest tool in the shed (at least Thrall can't drop us in the water this time).

For those unaware, this is SUPPOSED to happen if you didn't clear 13/14H (can't challenge the final boss on heroic without defeating everything else on heroic that lockout).  But it decided to glitch out on us.  Apparently the previous fight being buggy as hell just wasn't enough for Blizzard!

So there basically went a full night of attempts.  Ugh.

In other news, we're very much interested in a mage or hunter (need that crit buff!) who's 570+ and is able to jump in and contribute on Heroic Garrosh.  May be willing to consider a DPS or healer in general who meets those criteria and can convince us they'd be worth picking up.
The bad news: our first night of Paragon progression involved a healer DPSing.

The worse news: half of our second night on Paragons involved a healer DPSing.

The good news: near the end of the second night we hit berserk with the final Paragon at 40% (Kil'ruk) due to two DPS being dead half of the fight.  That's basically like 5% on the boss overall and would have easily had it with either DPS alive.

So, definitely going to kill that this week and starting on Heroic Garrosh.  Some annoyances with Injection not always working correctly from what we could tell.

Speaking of Heroic Garrosh, we've picked up some trials to replace people with some real life schedule changes but we're still interested in another person, ideally a mage or hunter.  Willing to consider anyone with the gear and experience though with Mythic coming up.
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